About - Gary Choy

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved taking photos. I always have my camera (or iphone) close by to capture the moments. This deep passion has grown even more since I become a father - being able to capture my girls' stories is such a blessing. 

Being a dad,  I totally understand how quickly time can pass by and before you know it your kids have gone from little newborns to year 5 entering Kindergarten. Those first few years were so chaotic that it passed before we knew it. And soon we miss it so much. We always wish we had taken more pictures, spent more time with our kids and simply just enjoyed the moments. 

I really love to capture that special moments. I  really love flipping through photo books and tell them do you remember. That’s why  I got into what I do.  I am very passionate, artistic, professional and friendly; these are just a few words that describe my work and  personality. I work to capture timeless memories and I hope you find it beautiful. 

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